Hello, WordPress!

Hey, y’all! I am beyond excited to begin my journey with everyone here at WordPress and across the blogging platform, but first let me introduce myself and tell y’all a little bit about me.

My name is Jessye, I have been married for two years, and I am expecting my first child. I am currently working in the banking atmosphere, and I have worked in a variety of industries, so I love to discuss different jobs and learn about others’ professional experiences.

I plan to discuss some fun things here, some building things, and some very raw, personal experiences that I would like to relay that I believe others’ can relate to and perhaps even help someone.

What you can expect from me: always naked (and sometimes ugly) honesty. I don’t mean that I like to hurt feelings or anything like that; what I mean is that I don’t hold back to save myself embarrassment, if I believe that the story that I’m telling will resonate with someone.

With that being said, please always share feedback and express your opinions to myself and others (respectfully, of course!). I’m here to share and learn. 🙂


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