Look who’s back, back again!

(This post isn’t going to be creative content, but rather an update to bridge the gap before posting more interesting things.)

Goooooooood morning, friends! As you can probably imagine, I have been extremely busy since last February (the last time I posted), but life is finally calibrating.

It wasn’t long after my last post that I went back to work and had a job that I absolutely loved and had a rather non-traditional schedule (3am-noon Mon-Fri), therefore, it offered an easier transition from staying home to returning to work. I’ve since moved to a job that better meets our financial needs so that we can focus more on paying debts rather than meet monthly bills.

On to more exciting things – our girl is still amazing. She says, “Thank you,” “I love you,” Mama, Dad, Nee (for Honey, Z’s mom) and the staples, “Uh-oh,” and “Oh, wow!” She is almost 18 months, and has epic meltdowns, but is well-behaved for her age. She runs everywhere (after not walking under after her first birthday), she loves to dig in the trash, and she would eat buns from Chik-Fil-A for every meal, if we allowed it.

It’s a good thing she’s so grown up (in her very humble opinion), because she won’t the baby of the family after June 2019. That’s right, our little baby boy is coming! I wish there as a way to make her understand what is about to happen, but she will be figuring it out this summer when we bring the little caterpillar home and she has to learn to take care of him and protect him. I hear so many experiences on this and they vary from the older sibling being surprisingly protective to the new big brother/sister throwing things at the new baby and trying to hurt them.

Because our girl doesn’t attempt any type of physical harm or actions with malicious intent (whether mild or not), so I’m crossing my fingers she just throws the normal attention-seeking tantrums and then grows to love baby Grady.

Also, elephant in the room – I have changed my blog. I loved Beauty,BoozeAndBudgeting, but I have entered a new chapter in my life. Our family dynamics have had to go through their own kind of “puberty,” throughout the last year. We had to break ourselves down in order to find our own path separate from the “beaten path.” Now that we are coming out the other side stronger and more reinforced, we have placed our epicenter more in family than outside things such as hobbies, career, etc. I truly felt that we had already learned that, but life had more plans for us. As soon as you think you’ve got it figured out, you’re likely about to learn another lesson. We’re learning to be more selfish and care more for each other and ourselves when we need it.

There is so much more to share with you, but those will be other posts of their very own. 🙂

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