The Induction of the Queen of my Universe: AKA, my birth story

They can be a thing of nightmares or a dream come true, and it's always gross.  So. Deliciously. Gross.  Plus, you get a baby at the end. Which was no surprise to us, as we'd anticipated it for some time.


My Wonderful, Rambling, and Realistic Life

Goodness. April. Has it really been nearly seven months? Ironically, my most recent post was about the reason behind my absence, in which I vowed to come back to blogging for myself within the week. Then, nearly seven months came and went. So, let's talk about that. 🙂 My sister had a baby In April! … Continue reading My Wonderful, Rambling, and Realistic Life

6 Reasons that Someone Else Bearing Children is Your Business

We have a selfish tendency to believe that we are so easy to talk to and everyone feels comfortable talking to us, therefore, we must know it all. Even further, we believe that we understand things that we don’t. With clients, we are reminded not to use the phrase, “I understand how you feel,” because we don’t truly. Even if we did, it doesn’t make anyone feel better when they are upset.

Surviving Homeschool

It is an ignorance caused by the “loudest” or most distracting people coupled with the human tendency to want to “assign” people to groups. But if that unusual person also attended public school, you may begin to assign them to other groups based on where they live, if they attend church or not, or their ethnicity.